Me and my buddies slashonmydash and diningwiththeasquiths went to see the musical THE PRODUCERS in Gent, Belgium. Of course we had seen the movie on one of our film nights, and we loved it so much we simply HAD to be there, especially after the Dutch production had been cancelled!

This production was awesome. It had all the beautiful sets like this one that we knew and loved! The translation was interesting and well done, too. Some translations were simply brilliant, such as ‘DE FÜHRER WAR EIN GEILE TERMINATOR’ for ‘THE FÜHRER WAS BUTCH!’

The actors were great as well, I especially loved Leo Bloom (Jonas van Geel, he was soooo cute with his blanket), and Franz Liebkind (Jan van Looveren)! He was better than Will Ferrell and so were his insane pigeons, OMG THOSE PIGEONS WE LAUGHED OUR ASSES OFF.

THEY DID THIS SCENE AS WELL. IT WAS GLORIOUS. This Carmen Ghia (Jeremy Baker) was so great, he could ‘sssss’ longer than in the movie… AND SABU LOOKED THE PART. HE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL.

The head nazi was lovely. He was no John Barrowman, but still. *_*

All in all, it was a gorgeous, amazing, extremely gay show, and I would see it again if it hadn’t been closing night (hehehe). They had these pretty lights + funny titles, too!