This is the music video I created 5 days ago.

Song 1
Johnlock (Warnings: Sappy and a bit of sucky editing.)

Song 2
Gleeriarty (Warnings: Cracky and contains Glee.)

Song 3
Gangster!Mycroft with a side of Myjohn, Mythea, Myrene and (of course) Mystrade. (Warnings: A Dutch song and too little Mystrade.)

A day well spent

So today I made a totally random Sherlock music video!

It contains parts of 3 songs and:
1.) Sappy Johnlock
2.) Cracky Gleeriarty
3.) Dutch gangster!Mycroft (I aimed for Mystrade but it turned into a combination of Myjohn, Mythea, Myrene and Mystrade, lol.)

Told you it was random.

Anyone interested? :)