"What makes the show really, very special is the relationship between Will and Hannibal and the extreme tension that radiates from every frame whenever they are alone in a room together. Will Hannibal kiss him? Will he kill him? Will he eat him? Mixed signals, man."
SciFi Now and actual legitimate magazine (via the-doctor-to-my-tardis)


Mystrade AU: “I live in a world of goldfish.”

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Chilton: I was listening earlier when you said to Dr Lecter that you weren’t interested in a pissing contest… would you be at all interested in a coming contest?


It’s the final day to feast, Fannibals. Vote Hannibal for Best Horror TV Show: http://bit.ly/10BhAiu

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Bryan Fuller describes the famously gifed ladder scene to Hugh Dancy.


Raúl Esparza being an adorable dork, from the Trouble in the Heights bloopers


He totally said that