Tortured animals sounds? Really, Will? We know the truth. 

tome-wan // potage


Date night


Date night


- this moment was so pure and beautiful. the clearest example of full eye contact for the characters, a theme played with throughout their entire companionship. It’s a moment of full expression of who they are. this was the moment they both first saw each other honestly. it was the first time will could look upon hannibal without a mask, in his most raw and vulnerable form. there is a reverence in will’s expression and hannibal’s caress is not so much an act of softness but a tell towards his true affection for the other man. a glimpse into his sorrow. he finds the innocence and acknowledgement of himself in will’s expression and it breaks his heart. for only a moment their connection is electric and sensitive. the game is over. they are bare and they still see their other half. they still see their perfect match. for a moment they are completely and utterly in love. a moment hannibal knows - like all other connections he will ever forge - he has to destroy. we cannot have each other.


He-Ate-Us meme

— (4/4) Relationships: Beverly and Will

-How would I know if something’s up with you?

-You wouldn’t, but I’d tell you if you asked me. Return the favor?



Hannibal + thinkin about murder

colour meme: renly baratheon + summer colours; requested by gethinmypants

colour meme: renly baratheon + summer colours; requested by gethinmypants

"And when you dream of me, dream of nice things."

Hugh doing things with his face


really though this man’s face is a national treasure